25 October 2012: The Dutch Foundation for Literature has awarded its annual prize for translation from Dutch to David Colmer, for his excellent renderings into English of prose and poetry

David Colmer(b. 1960), Australian by origin, has become one of the most versatile translators of Dutch literature into English. His extensive oeuvre, covering every literary field – fiction, poetry, nonfiction and literature for children and young adults – has already won him many prizes. He recently received the prestigious Impac Dublin Prize for his translation of Gerbrand Bakker’s Boven is het stil, published as The Twin. He has created exemplary English translations of work by Hugo Claus, Adriaan van Dis, Anna Enquist, Arthur Japin, Bart Moeyaert, Ramsey Nasr, Martinus Nijhoff, Annie M.G. Schmidt and Dimitri Verhulst. Colmer is tireless in his efforts to pass on his knowledge and skills to younger colleagues by holding translation workshops. This year, as the first translator-in-residence for the Master’s in Literary Translation, he gave a series of lectures and readings at Utrecht University. Through his versatility and his qualities as a translator and educator, David Colmer has made a major contribution to the opening up of the English-language market for Dutch literature.

15 June 2012: We received from David Colmer the synopsis of his talk. 

30 May 2012:  Venues are booked: the beautiful and comfortable Mason Lecture Theatre for plenary sessions and nearby lecture rooms for the parallels.

10 May 2012:  Renato Beninatto accepted invitation to address a plenary session.

09 May 2012:  David Colmer accepted invitation to address a plenary session.

01 May 2012:  Maria Zijlstra accepted invitation to address a plenary session.

16 April 2012:  Don Watson accepted invitation to address a plenary session.

08 March 2012:  We welcome our first Trade Exhibitors:  2M Language Services and Monash University.

01 March 2013: Article - summary about the conference in the Multilingual.




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